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10 Effective Ways To Promote And Grow Your Podcast

Recording a great podcast takes nothing more than recording equipment, some basic software, and a well-written script. Whether you’re sharing industry insights or telling stories to your audience; a business can create a top-notch podcast with little more than a dream and a plan. But actually building an online following is another matter entirely.

Marketing your podcast is key to building an audience and improving your podcast ranking. Fortunately, podcast marketing is not an impossible task to take on. In fact, with the right tactics, any small business or independent team can increase their awareness range and audience support. Through podcasting platforms, social media, a well-built podcast website, you can increase your website traffic, followers, email subscribers, brand loyalty, word of mouth, and much more.

Here are ten of the leading ways to promote your podcast and grow your audience naturally:

1. Distribute to Popular Audio Platforms & Directories

The most important step for getting your podcast out there is to get it out there. The more platforms you are on, the bigger your audience can be because each person has one or two preferred platforms that they download from or listen through. Ideally, you want your podcast on

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher
  • TuneIn
  • Overcast

so that as many people as possible can access your content. Most of these platforms also help you with promotion and outreach because it’s in their best interest to host popular podcasts. If your podcast is new on a platform or quickly gaining audience members, it will also show up on platform feature lists and search results more often. So get out there and let your audience find you and listen through their favorite platforms.

At Blogcast, we make sure your podcast gets out there by distributing it to all the major audio platforms for you. That way, you can focus on your business while we make your show accessible to the masses.

2. Upload Video Audiograms to Social Media

If you’re not familiar with the lingo, an Audiogram is a quick video made from audio clips of your podcast. These most commonly feature a related graphic and the transcript of the excerpt animated to help viewers follow along. These tiny animated clips can encapsulate the best moments of your podcast and then share them on social media. Just like a catchy GIF, audiograms can make it easier for your viewers to share their favorite moments in self-promoting your podcast. They can also be easily repurposed from your podcast episode, making them an easy way to promote your podcast on social media.

Be sure to hit up all the major social media platforms including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

When working with Blogcast, we work every new podcast episode into clever video audiograms that highlight your best moments and can be shared on social media for maximum bite-sized impact.

3. Publish Episodes to Your Website

Having podcast episodes embedded on your website will help audience members and curious new listeners investigate the podcast, explore the episodes, and join your community. Once you have a website for the podcast, naturally you want to publish and host your episodes there so that audience members can find what they’re looking for and listen directly.

With Blogcast, hosting your own episodes on your website is easier than ever. We provide brands with a branded web player that can be featured on your website and added to each blog post that pairs with a new episode. Your player can focus on a single episode or you can also use playlist players that will help visitors stream all of your episodes in sequence without jumping around.

Users can also subscribe and share your episodes through the player on your website to help increase website traffic and social media mentions.

4. Feature Partners, Fans & Team Members

Everyone loves special mentions in great content and podcasts are no exception. If you want to increase the outreach of your podcast marketing, a great way to do this is to get your audience members and your production teams involved. If your company has business partners, to feature pieces on them to rope in their brand supporters and have them share to their online audience. Give honorable mentions to your production team behind the scenes and share the love with their social circles. Give shout-outs to your audience members and watch the likes and shares explode as they share the excitement with friends and family.

5. Send Out Email Newsletters

Once you’ve got regular listeners and subscribers, it’s time to put together an email newsletter. A newsletter gets the word out about new episodes, content, and website features that your community can get excited about. When someone voluntarily subscribes to your newsletter, it means they really want to see what’s up with you on a weekly or monthly basis.

Most of all, they very likely want to be updated when you’ve got a new episode out, so let them know! A newsletter is a great motivation to produce your episodes like clockwork and to come up with interesting updates to share with the audience every month.

6. Mention Past Episodes

One of the best ways to boost listenership with new audience members is to mention the content of past episodes as you move forward. If you’ve already covered a topic in detail in a previous episode and want to brush past it in today’s content, give that episode a shout-out and let your new listeners know where they can find a deeper level of info on the subject.

While you want each episode to stand on its own merits, references back to your previous episodes can keep your content clean (limit rabbit-trail explanations) and encourages users to go back and listen to previous episodes that they might have otherwise skipped.

7. Ask for Ratings & Reviews

Ratings and reviews are powerful currency in the marketing world. Customers today trust other customers far more than any self-promotion you can achieve, so having ratings and reviews from current audience members is a great way to win new audience members who are curious about your podcast.

And the best way to get those ratings and reviews is to ask for them! In each episode, mention how excited you are to get feedback from the audience, even the bad comments. Encourage your listeners to post reviews of your show on the biggest platforms to have the most impact. Particularly Apple Podcasts as this has been the primary source of podcasts from the very beginning.

Reviews help you increase your page ranking in searches, attract new listeners, and provide credible hype that comes from a source your audience trusts: other audience members.

8. Read Questions Or Emails from Fans

Your audience loves to feel like they are personally involved in their favorite podcasts. One of the most powerful ways to engage your audience is to interact directly with them during an audience-dedicated segment of your podcast. Take some time to read and answer audience questions or even share content made by your fans in each episode.

If a fan told you an interesting story, relate it as a testimonial. If a fan’s toddler drew you a picture, share that heartwarming doodle with the world. And if you don’t have any fan content to respond to yet, ask for questions and content instead! Look into the camera and shout-out to your audience directly to let them know you care. New audience members will clamor to have their question be the one read on your next episode.

9. End On a Cliffhanger

The cliffhanger was invented for television to keep viewers coming back for the next episode on bated breath. You always want to leave your audience wanting more and eager for your next episode to come out. Fortunately, you don’t need to resort to the tactics of soap operas to create an artistic cliffhanger. Ask a question and promise to answer it in the next episode. Give a quick preview of the subjects you’ll be covering in episodes to come. Or drop a new piece of information or fun fact that your audience can’t wait to hear more about.

This will have your listeners eagerly awaiting the next episode release, ready to find out the conclusion to whatever anticipation you created with your cliffhanger.

10. Publish Episodes Regularly & Consistently

Finally, you want to make sure your episodes come out like clockwork. When you’re building an enthusiastic following of listeners, they need to know when to expect your next episode. You can, in fact, strengthen your audience’s dedication to listening by helping them build regular listener habits. Irregular episodes cause listener frustration and break-away points, but regularity build reliance and a stronger audience relationship.

When your episodes release predictably, they will work listening into their schedules. Their Monday morning run, their Thursday afterschool study session, or their Saturday morning breakfast podcast. Audience members who can count on you to make their week better will come back with the same clockwork that you release your episodes.

To keep your podcast as part of your audience’s routine and at the top of their minds, release at least twice a month. However, a regular weekly schedule is even better for maximum growth, awareness, and audience satisfaction.


You can make the best podcast in the world, but it won’t promote itself. In order to build the audience you deserve and see the marketing results you’re looking for, it’s important to put real effort into your podcast promotion and growth. Make use of every tool in your toolbox from podcast sharing platforms to social media and your own local website. With a little elbow grease and some help from the Blogcast team to help you cover your bases, your podcast can soon see the widespread audience popularity you know you can achieve.