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How To Create Written Content

Creating quality and engaging written content can be harder than it seems. You need to brainstorm topics, research information, have strong writing skills, be aware of proper punctuation and grammar, and have a deep understanding of your target audience.

However, in its simplest form, quality blog posts are focused on providing value to your audience by demonstrating how your brand can help them solve and overcome problems to improve their lives. Depending on your product or service, this could be ways to improve their business, physical health, mental health, personal relationships, wealth, or other areas of their lives.

In addition to providing value to readers, written content should also be used as a tool for your business to subtly promote and sell your product or service. Including case studies, customer testimonials, company achievements, unique product benefits, and other relevant information that can be added to further the conversation and educate readers without sounding like a sales pitch.

By offering free value and resources to your audience through various forms of content, you’re able to foster trust and establish a relationship with your readers. This helps increase brand loyalty, authority, credibility, and ultimately, sales conversions.

In our previous blog post about Content Repurposing, we also referenced a study by Hubspot which found that 55% of marketers named blog creation as their top inbound marketing strategy. Meaning that brands are seeing measurable marketing benefits through blogging and are utilizing written content as one of their top sources for marketing and growing their business.

How To Create Written Content For Your Blog

If you’re looking to produce content regularly or would like to further improve the creation process, here are a few ways that you can source work:

In-House Blogging
The first option is having content created in-house, whether it’s by you, an employee, intern, or the marketing department. Having blog posts created from within the company is beneficial because staff will usually be more knowledgeable of the business and industry than someone who is unfamiliar with the company and your market. Helping to make your blog articles feel more authentic, genuine, and personal.

However, unless the person is an experienced writer, the content might not be as polished or creative if it were written by a professional content writer. This can also take time away from employee duties or limit time on other tasks, especially when you’re limited to a small team.

Hiring A Freelancer
Another option is to hire or work with freelancers. Freelance writers are great because they specialize in content writing and will usually have an educational background in creative writing, journalism, or advertising. You can also hire freelancers on a limited basis, paying only for time spent writing or per deliverable. Making them a cost effective option for Startups or smaller companies on a budget.

Since freelancers are independent, it can be challenging and time consuming to find a dependable writer is is knowledgeable of your industry, can work within your deadlines, and who is responsive to communications since many freelancers work remotely.

Writing Service
There are many different online services that specialize in content creation which will either assign you a writer or give you the option to select a writer from their website based on your needs. Writers on these websites are vetted and are usually rated by performance so you can see past work samples and customer reviews.

While usually a good middle option between a freelancer or marketing agency, since work is done through a service, it can be difficult to establish a direct relationship with the actual writer. Communication is also sometimes only allowed through the service platform, which can make it difficult to properly collaborate ideas or communicate with the writer.

Marketing Agency
The last (and probably most expensive option) is to work with a marketing agency. Most agencies offer many types of marketing services such as: SEO, email marketing, social media management, website design, video production, etc. Marketing agencies will usually have a team of writers on staff who are trained, experienced, and who can perform multiple tasks to help publish, promote, and distribute content for you.

However, because agencies offer many types of services, staff larger teams and usually work from an office, they can be expensive, often requiring contracts or long-term commitments.

So What’s The Best Option For My Business?

Depending on the size of your company and marketing budget, we recommend:

Startups or New & Small Companies
For Startups and smaller brands, hiring freelancers or outsourcing to a writing service can help keep costs down. This also helps free up your team’s time and energy to focus on content promotion, distribution, and other marketing tasks.

Larger Established Businesses
If your business has a larger marketing budget and team of employees, we recommend either having content created in-house (such as by your marketing team, interns, etc.) or by working with a reputable marketing agency who can offer your company a team of professional writers to create content for you regularly while also helping with research, promotion & distribution.

Need assistance finding a content writing solution for your business? We’re happy to help connect you to professional writers, companies, or services that are experienced in your niche to provide you with quality writing services. Contact us for more information.